31th. Epilogue

No photo today.
Well, no photo yesterday.
I would love to finish with something spectacular, but didn’t took any worth sharing – so, this time around I’ll stick with words.

It was an interesting month.
Got to take a closer look at small detail that surround me everyday.
Got to look for something new that I’ve never seen before.
Got to mess up a whole lot of photos doing it.
Got to make some interesting memories.

This whole blog thing is quite interesting. Finally managed to take a closer look at what happens behind the curtains of a post, and, got a new level of respect for the many blogs I’ve been following over the years – it takes dedication (that it’s not my forte) and creativity (also not my stronger suit). I guess I’ve always known that, but never really felt before on my skin. Congratulations to all of you! I mean it! All of you that keep a blog! It gives a lot. But also takes a lot.

October got to see some of your work. Some amazing work! And even thought you’ll be seeing less of me this month, I’ll keep a closer look at what you do (sounds creepy, I just mean your blogs and posts).
Thank you for everything.

See you soon.

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